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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I have been collecting spam names for the past week. This is my collection so far:

Sophia Moses
Scorch Q. Regurgitation
Leto Patague
Archibald Kimball
Arianrhod Luter
Hadrian Hendrix
Wade Poe
Oderless E. Astronomer
Red Lipe
Fatherly E. Noisiness
Octavio Temple
Pumice P. Tensely
Xenon Bayard
Vipul Buterbaugh
Reservists L. Subterfuges
Zohar Turnstall
Ramiro Rangel
Thatcher Espinosa
White E. Hookah
Carbuncle R. Allaying
Viroxay Bilal
Faustino Cotton
Agne Lorch
Bulged V. Countermands
Zenobia Sevilla
Loretta McKenna
Merrill Mazzarella
Gavin M. Bromides
Laban Fogarty
Bellow O. Fester
Sebastiano Lemon
Nessa Westerfield
Modesta Remy
Diurnally E. Katherine
Basil Baird
Koos Spradley
Reincarnations J. Haiti
Aimo Holmon
Lilith L. Downpours
Consuelo Burgos
Elmer Byrd
Alfred Velasquez
Dobbin Aguirre
Buried D. Farces
Bernie Lackey
Marmot H. Notoriously
Brack Summerall
Schooner A. Noun
Emin Goins
Tenfold O. Iridium
Simper S. Guff
Monstrances H. Vends
Sparsest K. Monterray
Maxime Zito
Polynomial T. Synopsis
Landed R. Menstruated
Glitz G. Executor
Hahn K. Unforeseeable
Fruitlessness A. Requirements
Drollness F. Warder
Rabbi Fortenberry
Beelzebub Knuth
Clamored Q. Sugarcoats
Achilles H. Duchies
Polyp R. Deterrence
Incubi U. Elevation
Hammond Humfield
Attic M. Incidentals
Lula Egan
Hans Rutherford
Wyatt Hernandez
Eutropia Hankey
Xochiquetzal Rohde
Haroun Arledge
Sombrero E. Simulated
Actually I. Heifer
Hagan Hibbert
Hunter Vickers
Sterling Roark
Consecrations P. Revellers
Eyal Mckain
Esperanza Sylvester Thanks, Jiffy Q. Kerosene!
Ritzier I. Constipation
Justy Delira
Hitomi Knopp
Iguana F. Maoris
Prognosticates T. Variate
Neville Pennington
Bozidar Schueler
Okras H. Mien Thanks, Yorquie!
Penelope Norton
Elvira Yarbrough

CALLING ALL SPAM NAMES: I will be adding to this list. Please let me know if you have uncovered any brilliant spam names and I will give you credit.