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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

some bitchinest spam text (NOTE: it is over-the-hump day - Yay!):

paschal letter
Militia bureau nutmeg melon
oyster fork meter-ampereoyster-shell scale
night singer paper carrier palsy-struck notch block out-of-the-common
Mid-italian out sister
oil column paint keg
Neo-manichaean needle tooth obiter
dictum palm starch Non-mormon
Neva green night-straying
Mid-america palace guard needle grass
Neo-platonism paper WASP
palm oil narra amarilla
oyster grass
mikado locomotive milori green
opus araneum ninety-sixth oval-truncate
Milesian tales omnium-gatherumnovice point
ordnance officer n
imble-fingered owl
fly ogee arch pallet board
mountain-built ox warble
night club
oil sand
morphological analogy ovate-serrated night-born one-minute near-hand Ox-god noun
equivalent paint bridge parachute spinnaker
Mississippi catfish
orange swallowwort
Molly maguireism
Nine-power treaty pale
broomrape ordnance officer
nose dive park flower
money teller
peace establishment never-satisfied parliament
man nutgall oak
one fourth mink frog
much-suffering mirth-marring parcel-gilt moon-crowned night crow
one-windowed Ostyak-samoyedic nigh-hand outlet box
near-legged naked-armed oval-lanceolate
neighborhood house
parti-striped Milan point


Some spam names:

Reinhard Weintraub
Sofie Boatright
Suzanne Tibbets
Daffodil Winningham
Caiaphas Massengill
Teddy Beard
Burkhard Sinn
Zeki Swyerc