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Monday, July 31, 2006

No doubt it would be a mere siegeof discomfort. TheColonel poured out a glass of the spirit and drank it with his olddeliberation. ForColonel Calhoun was made up as nearly resembling Major Talbot as onepea does another. This one might have seen as many years as had MajorTalbot. I shall call your attention to one ofthem. It must be his firstappearance in what he calls the legitimate. It must be his firstappearance in what he calls the legitimate. Rows of high box bushes lined the fenceand walks. Thereis quite a draught from that broken window. Wait a moment, said the Major, rubbing his forehead with the tips ofhis fingers. I dont seem to recall the colts, said the Major. Hand me down the whiskey, Jim, said the Colonel, rising slowly. But its a type, you know--notindividual. And how did you know we were in Washington? Some exag--latitude must be allowed in public speaking. His thin nostrilswere working like the gills of a fish. Before he could rise, she pulled him back into his seat. Edward, please pull down the shade behind me, she directed. There wasno one in Washington to whom the Majors scruples allowed him to applyfor a loan. He laid both shaking hands uponthe arms of his chair to rise. I sold dem mules for three hundreddollars. There is something else I wanted you to know. He found only a two-dollar bill, whichhe returned to his vest pocket.


At 7:32 AM , Blogger Violence Worker said...

You are an idiot, completely devoid of original thought. And you have the never of leaving comments like "This blog (and the commentary) really sux."

At least others get comments! Other than mine and Jenn's you don't seem to have a lot of comments here fella!

Must be your only way of getting traffic.

Good luck with this.


At 3:31 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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