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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Wallace: Mr. President, welcome to Fox News Sunday.
Clinton: Thanks.
Wallace: In a recent issue o' Th' New Yorker ye say, quote,
I'm 60 years barnacle-covered and I damn near visited Davey Jones' Locker, and I'm worried about how many lives I can save before I do visit Davey Jones' Locker.
Be that what drives ye in yer effort to help in these developing countries?
Clinton: Aye, I really - but I don't mean - that sounds sort o' morbid when ye say it like that. I mean, I actually...
Wallace: That's how ye said it.
Clinton: Aye, but th' way I said it, th' tone in which I said it was actually almost whimsical and humorous. That be, this be what I love to do. It be what I think I should do.
That be, I have had a wonderful life. I got to be president. I got to live th' life o' me dreams. I dodged a bullet with that heart problem. And I really think I should - I think I owe it to me fellow countrymen and people throughout th' world to spend time saving lives, solving problems, helping people see th' future.
But as it happens, I love it. I mean, I feel it's a great gift. So, it's a rewarding way to spend me life.
Wallace: Someone asked ye - and I don't want to, again, be too morbid, but this be what ye said. He asked ye if ye could wind up doing more good as a former president than as a president, and ye said, Only if I live a long time.
Clinton: Aye, that's true.
Wallace: How do ye rate, compare th' powers o' being in office as president and what ye can do out o' office as a former president?
Clinton: Well, when ye be president, ye can operate on a much broader scope. So, for example, ye can simultaneously be trying to belay a genocide in Kosovo and, ye be knowin', make peace in th' Middle East, pass a budget that gives millions o' kids a chance to have afterschool programs and has a huge increase in college aid at home. In other words, ye've got a lot o' different moving parts, and ye can move them all at once.
But ye're also more at th' mercy o' events. That be, President Bush did not run for president to deal with 9/11, but once it happened it wasn't as if he had an option.
Once I looked at th' economic - I'll give ye a much more mundane example. Once I looked at th' economic data, th' new data aft I won th' election, I realized that I would have to work much harder to reduce th' deficit, and therefore I would have less doubloons in me first year to invest in things I wanted to invest in.
Wallace: So what be it that ye can do as a former president?
Clinton: So what ye can do as a former president be - ye don't have th' wide range o' power, so ye have to concentrate on fewer things. But ye be less at th' mercy o' unfolding events.
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