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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Spam is a ubiquitous part of our daily lives. We delete it the first thing in the morning from our inboxes. It never ceases to flood in. It leaks through filters, even as the arms race against it escalates. Instead of ignoring it, why not embrace it and revel in its pulchritude?

Below, you will find some of my spam poetry. I call it a "Pound Cake of Blank", a phrase that I discovered embedded in some spam text:

marketable commandant
tedious sniper
coronation penknife hockey slip-up
but varnish idioms
proselytize TV with track meet hours

of these, undertaker knelt down
to the organization
with polarity
to reproduce dry land

driver's license ballad
hostile with carp equanimity
scorching spire.
just like a Pound Cake of Blank

mileage in grand piano
a longing.
slog gratifying

the placebo jeweler
disarm neutron mountain
abstention parachute side dish
companionship depot tourniquet
academic cinematographer of standoff tabernacle

funnel fiddler as beautician hung
indigent naturalist
condescension sweetheart restrained
Styrofoam serial killer ventilation

sow guiltily
scram the halo father-in-law
a clinician pint circulate
delicatessen electric recording camaraderie inquisition
underdog feasibility Marxist shaft

Mayday gofer futuristic life-and-death
infinitely earmark Fourth of July
diphthong yodel
gambling the opera house geisha

schizophrenia patriarchy
unruly the income tax disappoint
couch euphemism
dysentery Middle Ages sandpaper overjoyed pipe dream

Here are the rules of the game:

1.) you can take words away, but you cannot add words
2.) you cannot add punctuation
3.) work with the text that you have by attempting to find interesting phrases or collocations of words
4.) rules are written to be broken

Just by deleting words, you can impose order on chaos. Rather like how a sculptor uses a chisel to get at a form buried within an amorphous chunk of marble or a diamond cutter attempts to find geometric symmetry in a rough stone, one may find that "pound cake of blank" underneath gibberish.