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Friday, July 07, 2006

Some spam prose. A deceiving fairy tale (incidentally, my favorite), but not. What a disappointment! But spam can't deliver all the time, can it?
- Yorquie Q.

Jeannette Owens wrote:
> She put it in his numb hand. "Thousands of English-comp teachers would
> disagree with you; my dear, Paul thought.
> [Then I am going into my room.]
> The Princess and the Pea. He knew that the Novril wouldnt take care of
> the pain, but it was better than nothing. The bottom of the mower was
> smeared with blood, particularly around the grass-exhaust, which was
> still dripping. He saw drying drips and splashes ? again, mostly of
> ice-cream ? on the rug and couch.
> Cat languishes in cellar for two days.
> The prosecution wove its net as well as it could, but he handprint
> with the mark of the ring was really the most damning bit of evidence
> it could come up with. Although her pet writer was now less than
> thirty-five feet away, Annies voice remained composed.