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Thursday, April 20, 2006

An alt-country spam-name:

Jackson Scruggs

And a few others (pay attention, new parents out there):
Marlin Calderon
Colin Ochoa
Claresta Espinosa
Flossie Castillo
Reginald Wilcox
Edgardo Gordon
Coaches R. Eardrums
Dilated I. Ignatious
Roscoe Munoz
Lyman Rubin
Black Diaz

And here is a name that I made up:

Debian McElroy


Finally, here is some special spam that I have duly decoded for you, ladies and gentlemen (with apologies to those afflicted with colorblindness):

Dear Ho s me O n wn m er ,

Your c p red w it doesn't matter to us !

If you O p WN real e e st t at v e and want I z MM k EDI u AT q E
cas w h to s e pen k d ANY way you like,
or simply wish to L c OW x ER your monthly pa f ym q en k ts
by a third or more,

co b mplet u e this e u asy w k eb for c m

and get matched with l d en o der z s!