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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Yorquie Q. had some good ones this morning:

*spam #1*******************

No sooner had he finished speaking than the old thrush gave a loud call, and immediately flew away. We may not understand him, but that old bird understands us, I am sure, said Balin. Keep watch now, and see what happens! Before long there was a fluttering of wings, and back came the thrush; and with him came a most decrepit old bird. He was getting blind, he could hardly

*spam #2********************

Dollie Ivey wrote:
> -Icrease Your Sexual Desire and Sperm volume by 500%
> -Longer orgasms - The longest most intense orgasms of your life
> -Rock hard erections - Erections like steel
> -Ejaculate like a porn star - Stronger ejaculation
> -Multiple orgasms - Cum again and again> -SPUR-M is The Newest and The Safest Way of Pharmacy
> -100% Natural and No Side Effects - in contrast to well-known brands.
> -Experience three times longer orgasms
> -World Wide shipping within 24 hours>
> commemorate pol cellular collimate ajar ardency f's intangible domesticate conductance
> dimple tupelo dial already quito crisis benefice extrude beryl
> coffman transcendental liaison pier firecracker freshmen radon protocol filly winchester atkins
> duluth loveland fore commonweal elegiac assemble carboloy huston
> geneva layup nondescript newspaper countersink butte bow barley
> domingo churchmen haggle piteous penitential spleen admitted arrear

Here are some new spam names:

Sergio Lunsford
Effervescent E. Diddled
Fluid K. Dramatizations
Altitudes R. Datives
Eschews H. Deflates
Rawness Q. Hit
Revaluing B. Dessicate


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At 1:02 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Raaaaaaah!!! Someone's spamming on our spam site! Go. Away. Spammers.

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